From Gallery to Magazine, Club 157 will be in print 2018!

After an awesome 2016 that boasted seven exhibitions, many events, workshops and potlucks, showcasing over 60 artists and filling our space beyond capacity… we took a hiatus in 2017 and are ready to re-emerge IN PRINT!

We only wanted to have a gallery to give artists a platform for exposure in the first place and we learned quickly that foot traffic at a gallery in Bushwick is severely limited…

Plan B – send the art directly to the people who artists would love to have looking at their work! We will be launching a magazine / art catalog with a controlled distribution mailing list that we have built of 20,000 museums, galleries, curators, art directors, critics, collectors, artists, etc. that will receive this magazine! Also included in our mailing list are prisons, senior facilities and community centers. Art for the people. Art to the right people.

Of course subscriptions will  also be available! And much, much more… Subscribe and STAY TUNED!!!

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