Lisa Marie Ludwig

Lisa Marie Ludwig

Monster Rock. action figure diorama, Foam, cardboard, acrylic, wire, found objects. 2017


IG: theartneighborhood

The Art Neighborhood is an interactive art installation, creating a micro art neighborhood inside New York galleries and museums. In this installation, artist Lisa Marie Ludwig creates an alternate universe that takes on a living and breathing existence in the form of a play-set.

Lisa would like to invite you to collaborate.

The Art Neighborhood was created by Lisa Marie Ludwig and was originally showcased at Jack The Pelican Presents in October 2009. It is an on-going interactive piece and hundreds of people have already participated!

The Art Neighborhood is a shanty town model; it pulls on the themes of struggle and beauty, poverty and hope. Shantytowns are an unfortunate reality, but their hope lies in the possibility of transformation. The Art Neighborhood embodies the call to action necessary to address problems of poverty and conflict. People participate to make action figures of themselves to add to the creative growth of the Art Neighborhood with the understanding that artistic expression is one of many ways to answer a call to action. The Art Neighborhood is meant to be an example of the transformative power of art.