Melissa Diaz

Melissa Diaz


IG: m_diaz_art

Melissa Diaz is an artist and a licensed & registered art therapist living and working in Brooklyn, NY.  She holds a BFA in Painting and Sculpture from The University of Central Florida and an MPS in Art Therapy from Pratt Institute. Diaz is the founder and director of community arts intiative, Open House BK. In all her work, she considers space, relationships and holding environment.


I create environments reflecting elements of life, growth, transition, shared experience and coexistence. These environments aim to form a transitional space, which welcomes play and introspection. Transitional Space, coined by psychoanalyst and theorist, D.W. Winnicott, refers to a space in between subjective and objective reality. Within this space it is possible for the essence of pure creativity and play. While I inhabit this experience in the studio, I also aim to cultivate it within exhibition space.

By utilizing simple/child­like materials, my work demonstrates accessibility of art making and transformative powers of art materials. It is my firm belief that artwork is not truly completed, until shared and interacted with. I strive to create interactive components that foster social engagement and highlight universalities. My work forms a relationship with the surroundings and the viewer, paralleling my framework as an art therapist.

Video on works and process: