In 2017 Club 157 was an art gallery in East Williamsburg / Bushwick at 157 Manhattan Avenue, Brooklyn NY. Here are the exhibitions we produced!
Moving forward we will be publishing an art catalog and are currently seeking artists.

Opening Reception 9/30, 7-10 : Bushwick Open Studios Hours 10/1&2, 11-7 : Running through 10/30, hours by appt
Opening Reception 9/30, 7-10 : Bushwick Open Studios Hours 10/1&2, 11-7 : Running through 10/30, hours by appt

Pussyfoot : Opening 9/30, 7-10
10/1 & 2, 11-7 for bushwick open studios, by appt thru oct

Club 157 presents Pussyfoot, a 3 woman show (Shawn Bishop, Nancy Elsamanoudi & Heather Rae Hatton). This is an exhibition about strength, surface tension, womanhood, feminism, and maybe about whatever comes to your mind when you hear the word “pussyfoot.”

/ˈpo͝osēˌfo͝ot/ verb
1) To act in a cautious or noncommittal way.
2) Move stealthily or warily.
3) To avoid making a definite decision or stating a definite opinion because of fear, doubt, etc.

Shawn Bishop is an artist based in New York City. The focus of Shawn’s work is based around the strong female archetype. Her multi-layered paintings incorporate vintage wallpapers, fabrics and found objects both natural and man made. Leo describes her imagery as “oscillating between the coy and the fierce, a sort of parlay between dominance and submission.” She explains, “The patterns are often repetitive and geometrical but when layered become jumbled and irrational, pushing background into foreground, object into subject and subject into symbol.” Shawn is also co-leader of Legacy Fatale since 2014, an interdisciplinary performance art collective featuring cycles of choreographies and site-specific installations, channeling ancient power of feminine leadership into a creative model of consciousness raising communities. Her work has been shown internationally with solo shows at Leo Kesting Gallery.

Nancy Elsamanoudi is an artist based in New York City. Her work investigates the tension created in the merging of culture and nature, as well the relationship between the primal and the civilized. Her work plays with notions of contingency, fragmentation and continuity. She explores ides of veiling and unveiling, concealing and revealing, masking and exposing. She graduated in 2014 from Pratt Institute with a MFA in Painting and Drawing. She has previously shown in NYC at the Leroy Neiman Art Center, the Bowery Gallery, Amos Eno. Lorimoto Gallery, Paper Box, Arts@Rennaissane, George Billis Gallery, Steuben Gallery, A.I.R. Gallery, The Bishop Gallery, Schafler Gallery, CurateNYC, Rogue Space and Club 157.

Heather Rae Hatton is an interdisciplinary artist based in Brooklyn. Vivid colors, hidden messages, divination and stories fill her ink works. Fire dances for her, captured in rituals. Her artwork is influenced by esoteric studies, mysticism, ritual, vivid lucid dreams, nature, meditation, religion, vibrational frequency and a consistent patronage to galleries over the years, particularly in Williamsburg, Bushwick and Greenpoint, where she has been based since 2003. Prior to that she was in residency at Flux Factory for a year. Most recently in 2016 Heather’s work has been shown at Friday Studio Gallery, Image Gallery, Tarot Society Gallery, and she is a member of Lady Art. She has served as Creative Director/Curator of Club 157 for 2016, producing seven shows that have showcased over 60 primarily female and Brooklyn based artists.

From Heather Rae Hatton, Creative Director-

“Art means craft, skill, focus, intention, the distillation of emotion and ideas. Its purpose is to share an experience and create new experiences. Club 157 features artists to elevate the coworking experience and subsidize our community. Art collectors have an opportunity to contribute to our growth. We are not seeking investors in our adventure but rather support through Art!”

Past Shows:


New Exhibition "Mary of Cain" July 8th-August 7th. Paintings & live installation by Jane Cogger.
Work from “Mary of Cain” July 8th-August 7th. Paintings & live installation by Jane Cogger.

Mary of Cain by Jane Cogger : The Club 157 Gallery ( is pleased to present a solo exhibition of new works by Jane Cogger entitled “Mary of Cain” to run from July 8, 2016 – August 7, 2016 with an opening reception July 8th from 6-9 featuring live installation art. The gallery will also be open late and feature another installation performance for Bushwick Hot Summer Nights on July 15th, in participation with 27 Bushwick galleries (

This exhibition is a memorial for the fictitious character, Mary of Cain.  Mary is the symbol of [in]naissance, tarnished by being placed in the lineage of Cain, the crop-farmer and original vegetarian who killed his brother for making an animal sacrifice to another fictitious character, and thus she bears the mark of Cain.  She possesses a perfect childlike innocence that exists only because the child has not yet learned that certain actions that seem the most innocent and playful are actually supposed to bear a shameful weight.  The artist enjoys alternative narratives to age-old myths that expand the idea of what a personality or narrative could (have) be(en).  This is a memorial because the personality of Mary has not borne the potential for longevity and so her creator outlives her, showing that the idea of fixed personality is the death of personality itself, as man creates God only to kill him, and/or vice-versa.  This narrative itself has a time limit, as myths of death and resurrection that are based on a self-centered universe become complicated by ideas of all things existing along a continuum.  The Sun rises and sets for me but not for itself.

Jane Cogger is an interdisciplinary artist who is interested in language, sexuality, and philosophy.  Her work is rooted in painting but here incorporates projection, video, and live installation.  She grew up in Ithaca, NY, and studied at Tufts and SMFA before traveling the US, Mexico and Europe as a freelance model.  She currently resides in Brooklyn.

“Mary of Cain” will run through August 7th. The live installation aspect of the show can be witnessed on July 8th or July 15th. Gallery hours are available 7 days a week by appointment. For additional information please contact Heather Hatton, 570.647.9591 or

Jane in Studio



CamerasClub 157 presents
The Bushwick Photography Club : Group Show
June 24th – July 10th

Club 157 is honored to host the Bushwick Community Darkroom tonight June 24th 7-9, at 157 Manhattan Avenue, Brooklyn 11206.

Phil Bergevin // Laurent Chevalier // Coleman Downing // Dan Felleman // Sam Margevicius // Richard Steinbach

This group show consists of six Brooklyn-based photographers who formed the first-ever Bushwick Community Darkroom photo critique club, meeting weekly to discuss and develop their work. This show is the dynamic result of that conversation. Following the opening, the show will be on view at the Bushwick Community Darkroom from June 26th through July 27th.

And they have zines!!!


DioramaramaDioramarama: an experiential performance and exhibition
May 13, 2016 – June 5, 2016

Opening May 13, 6 to 9 PM
Showing in Bushwick Arts Festival June 4 & 5, 12-7 PM

Visual Artists:
Allie Olson, Anna Link, Benjamin HellerBrandi Martin YuChristybombDeborah ForrestEfrat Baler-MosesHeather Rose Piper, Jackie Lore, Jenn CortesKirsten BowenLisa Marie LudwigMary WestringMatt RotaNancy Elsamanoudi, Nylaia Silvia Prado Dos Anjos, Omer GalpaulapartRobert Hickerson & Kerry LessardSharilyn Neidhart

Performance Artists at Opening:
Joann Arosemena, Olivia Coffey, Omer Gal, Cassidy Graves, Duke Taylor, Theo Thimo, Jason Trachtenburg, scripted and choreographed by Edward Pankov

Dioramarama Press Release
Dioramarama Price List

“Artifacts of the Descendants” : Jonathan Kopp in April

Jon Kopp

Artifacts of the Descendants Conceptual Statement
Artifacts of the Descendants Price Sheet
How will the deep human psyche evolve into our post-planetary future?

This idea is the point of departure for “Artifacts of the Descendants”, Kopp’s newest multi-part visual and performance work.

In this project, he will be “documenting” the lives, art, and belief systems of a tribal people living 3000 years in the future in the interior of 16 Psyche, an M-Type nickel-iron asteroid.

The focus will be on the mythology and ritual surrounding two prime deities of their invented pantheon: Continuity, the goddess of deep time, evolution, and fertility; and Singularity, the goddess who reigns over the unprecedented, the designed, and the transgressive.

The ultimate goal is to visualize and portray a speculative mythography of the future—both sacred and profane—in the form of a series of artifacts and images as well as a “re-enactment” of ritualized theater. Imagine a gallery of exhibits in the “Tribal Peoples” wing in the AMNH of distant futurity.

The influences from which Kopp draws inspiration for this exploration will be diverse, but three important sources are of note. The first is Ursula K. LeGuin’s 1985 work “Always Coming Home”; a type specimen of science-fictional ethnography and a reference for imagining the collective unconscious of future humans. Secondly, the visual layer is informed by the iconography of Tibetan Buddhists, Japanese Shintoists, Native American tribes of the Pacific Northwest, 21st century Butoh performers and others.

Finally, there is a personal layer of his own intimate memories and insights; a patina of lived subjective experience.

Kopp’s media of choice will be mixed and will range from photography to 3d printing to assemblage of found objects and military surplus spacesuits. This show will include sketches, concept art, prototypes, and production artifacts from the larger conceptual work.

“Dreamcatching” : Group show, over 40 artists participated!

Dreamcatching Price List / Catalog – All artists from March group show – click to browse.

Dreamcatching Cover

Dreamcatching is a group show, exploring the theme of dreams. Traditional dreamcatchers, 2D & 3D, abstract sculpture, visual work, and more will be on display. We are super excited to have so many participants! Artists range from fine art to outsiders to practitioners of mystical arts. Pieces will be magickal and sure to inspire the manifestations of YOUR dreams. Come and remember. Resonate. Identify. Be transported.

While dreamcatchers themselves are from the Native American culture, dreams across cultures have had a variety of myths and tools associated with them through the ages. Come out to our opening reception and learn a little bit about cultural differences between dreams, between individuals, traditional dreamcatchers, and SHARE YOUR OWN DREAMS! We will be having a participatory dream talk talks from 6-7:30, then live music by Pinc Louds 7:30-8 & Emily Einhorn 8-8:306-7pm. Sponsored by Standard Spirit Distillery, ZICO Coconut Water & Bruce Cost Ginger Beer.  Dreamcatchers workshop 6:30-8:30 March 23rd. Slumber party, artist dinner, crystals workshop and exorcism to be announced.

“Dreamcatching” Participating Artists:
Beca Acosta
Carolina Arevalo
Ake Arnerdal
Lisa Bauer
Maeve Myfawny Broome
Vivian Chiu
Jane Cogger
Hanna Cowart
Alan Crosby
Julia Curylo
Melissa Diaz
Nancy Elsamanoudi
Katelan Foisy
Peyton Freiman
Gary Giordano
Jenn Grossman
Julie Hair
Mariel Harari
Montgomery Harris
Heather Rae Hatton
Asc Helvetius
Olivia Jane Huffman
Zebediah Keneally
Brian Kerrigan
Jane Caroline Kirby
Jonathan Kopp
Jackie Lore
Shiyin Cindy Lin
Abel Lenz
Lena Marquise
Emma Camille Olson
Hope Adela Pasztor
Caspar Peteus
Heather Rose Piper
Matt Rota
Malika Spruiell
K.C. Tidemand
Melvin Torres
Renee Valenti
Ariel Zakarison
Live Music by Pinc Louds & Emily Einhorn

“XOXO : on love” in February 2016 : Lena Marquise & Caspar Peteus


In series “XOXO: On Love”, Lena Marquise and Caspar Petéus will showcase a body of work based on phrases taken from films, painted onto 20 canvases.

In their works, they explore themes of sexuality, and occasionally, irony while others simply play off geometric shapes or aesthetic principles. But each piece comes as a part of a bigger whole, with each series giving us a look at a new corner of the ever-expanding enigma that is love.

XOXO on love, Caspar Peteus & Lena Marquise


Lena Marquise is a interdisciplinary artist.

Her work focuses on gender, sexuality, ethics and morals.

She uses art direction within installations to add an element of static sculpture – she conveys tension with her choice of position and blocking, as well as the placement of the audience. 

In concept as well as in practice, Marquise focuses on the duality of creating works as the voyeur, as well as the exhibitionist.

Marquise is currently living in New York.

Her recent work has shown at Art Basel Miami 2014 and was publicized worldwide for recording artist, Usher, being involved in her performance and installation “Body As Commodity” when he participated by charging his iphone with a cable attached to her vagina.


Caspar Petéus was born 1988 in Gothenburg, Sweden. 

At the age of 15 Petéus began to experiment with writing graffiti, and would later on paint murals with a collective formed from a group of close friends and collaborators from Malmö and Stockholm.

After graduating from high school, Petéus worked in the restoration industry with two of Sweden’s leading conservators to restore paintings, historical buildings and churches. 

In 2011 Petéus attended an artist residency at Spinneret in Malmö where he began to work with acrylic paint on canvas.

In 2012 Petéus moved to New York where he pursued a full-time career in modeling for fashion, which brought him to take temporary residences in Rio de Janeiro, Milan and Stockholm. 

He currently works in a variety of media, including painting, collage, photography, digital, textile, and mural painting – maintaining a constant tension within a multitude of elements. Throughout the works he vacillates between fluent and stagnant, pristine and messy, minimalist and expressionist. As he is moving freely between figuration and abstraction, his works plays with historic portraiture, inchoate bodies and positive and negative spaces to create a tension that can reflect the extremes of bottomless desire and sober repression. 

Petéus lives and works in New York, NY. His studio is located in LIC, Queens.