Accepting Artist Submissions

Submissions may be emailed to with the subject line “Gallery”.

Visual Artists may submit 3-8 images.

Indicate within the body of the email the following info for each work:

Artist statement/bio/description of work: (please limit to 120 words max)
Social Media: (IG/FB/Web/etc. if you would like it included)

Only art available for purchase and shippable will be considered.

Include descriptive info within the body of the email and any related links. Always include your complete contact information (your name, mailing address, phone number, email and website address).

Do not submit work that is not available, and please be accurate with regards to framed dimensions and retail pricing, as these are a consideration. Gallery will have exclusive right of sale to submissions accepted for exhibition for a term of six months from the opening date of the show. The split between artist and gallery is 70 artist/30 Club 157 and artist is responsible for shipping directly to buyer but will be reimbursed.

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