Opening May 13th 6-9 : Dioramarama


Club 157 presents
Dioramarama: an experiential performance and exhibition
May 13, 2016 – June 5, 2016

Opening May 13, 6 to 9 PM
Showing in Bushwick Arts Festival June 4 & 5, 12-7 PM
157 Manhattan Avenue 1F, 4 blocks to the Montrose L

Imagine yourself encapsulated in a snowglobe. At first, your sight is limited to the area within your dome. As you get your bearings, however, you begin to see a world beyond the glass, and what you see is a giant peering in at you. Much to your surprise, that giant is you. How could this be? Moreover, how do you respond? Do you introduce yourself or do you cower in fear?  Do you seek to entertain this colossal version of yourself, or do you seek cover?

Come see Dioramarama and jump from world to world and place to place, observe one thing pop up and another break down in front of you. So many worlds, all so fleeting. Hold a world in your hands. Be a world. Be a diety. Who is an artist and who is merely an observer? They say that voyeurism is participation, come see for yourself! This experiential performance includes visual art and performance art, static and living dioramas.

Visual Artists:
Allie Olson, Anna Link, Benjamin HellerBrandi Martin YuChristybombDeborah ForrestEfrat Baler-MosesHeather Rose Piper, Jackie Lore, Jenn CortesKirsten BowenLisa Marie LudwigMary WestringMatt RotaNancy Elsamanoudi, Nylaia Silvia Prado Dos Anjos, Omer GalpaulapartRobert Hickerson & Kerry LessardSharilyn Neidhart

Performance Artists at Opening:
Joann Arosemena, Olivia Coffey, Omer Gal, Cassidy Graves, Duke Taylor, Theo Thimo, Jason Trachtenburg, scripted and choreographed by Edward Pankov

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